To the editor:

Issues brought before or by government bodies may need to have a town hall-type forum that is not constrained by space or artificial timelines. The desired way to become informed and understand the issue is for both sides to listen and have the opportunity to offer rebuttal testimony that can result in an informed decision. Personal bias or accusations do not lend credence to a suitable resolution since they may result in defensive testimony that has very little value in reaching a rational, informed outcome.

Not everyone can make a meeting that is a regular occurrence or even be aware of what is published in the agenda notice. However, word of mouth many times, whether accurate or inaccurate, puts the issue out in the open, and a town hall-type setting provides the public a better opportunity to become informed and participate. Recent examples are the John Day Police issue and the Turnkey Project. Not everyone may be satisfied with the ending, but each side was allowed to present their views and make an informed decision.

John Morris

John Day

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