To the Editor:

I believe the main reason Trump is president is he tapped into the hate in America and exploited it with lots of help from Russia and faith-based Trump lovers. Here is a partial list of what I believe endears Trump to his voters. "Sad."

They believe everything he says. Everything else is fake news.

When someone disagrees with Trump, Trump lovers just call them names, threaten them or, as Trump said, "knock the crap out of them ... I will pay for the legal fees." Makes them feel better, right?

When someone says something that is true and has facts to back it up and they don't like it, they make up their own facts. Makes them feel better, right?

When the media reports a story about Trump and has all those darn facts to back it up that they don't like, they just start screaming fake news. Makes them feel better, right?

Mueller investigation — forget about all the people indicted close to the Trump campaign and some going to jail — witch hunt, right?

Climate change — although 99 percent of scientists agree it is happening — fake news, right?

After several investigations by Congress, the FBI and others, the DOJ determined there was no evidence to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime, but you still have the right to scream, "Lock her up" or "Hillary for prison." Although there is no logical reason to keep demonizing her, it's better for Fox News and others to point the finger at Hillary for prison than Trump for prison!

Let's not forget Stormy and Karen. Didn't happen, right?

Here we go. Putin's puppet in the White House might be heading for the big house. Russia on the march in the Black Sea. China laughing at tariffs. Voter fraud in North Carolina — oh, darn, it's the Republicans. Massive deficits. Stock market crashing. Some farmers will go under without a bailout. Government shutdown.

Thank you, Trump lovers!

I hope this letter doesn't offend anyone, but if it does, "Oh well."

Clifford Smith

Canyon City

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