To the Editor:

It's been a lively two weeks on the local news.

On the one hand, we have, allegedly, likely, if truth were known, a group of county officials engaged in gross misuse of emergency funds including attempted theft, hours billed, etc., complete with misspeaks and occultation, presently being whitewashed, getting away with it.

On the other, we have a handful of youngsters who allegedly committed thefts, lower level, less value, no chance of getting away with it.

And we have, lo and behold, more salacious criminal allegations against the very enforcers and executors of the law who will sit in judgment of those youngsters — but not the county officials; that's handled — in the family.

And how is theft (keeping a found item though the rightful owner is known: a former collaborator!) of a fishing pole less of a crime than theft of a rifle?

Admittedly, GCSO has been short staffed.

That $100,000 fact raises some questions:

Was the sheriff required to report his wayward deputy to the DA, the county commission, back in February 2019? Even before any determination of crime level, if any. The difficulty obtaining information (by the BME) speaks a volume.

Is the county set up to take appropriate action, i.e. terminating employees who cost the taxpayer more than their salary, unnecessarily, for pure mischief (LGBT issue)?

The COVID-19 situation did indeed require quick planning, as Mr. Myers states.

To facilitate, therefore, an experienced EOC manager is fired, replaced by inexperienced predatory interlopers. Hmm.

The new cow mutilations further shock us: The featured ranchers have family here.

The "no blood" issue can be explained by any biology major at GU High: blood consists of lymph, red and white blood cells, platelets. A pumping heart keeps this mix in constant motion, and red. Pumping stops, lymph and particles separate, and we find clear to yellowish lymph, pulled to the lower portions by gravity. This takes one to three hours after death.

My guess: We will never see the investigation results; "ongoing case" for the next 50 years, joining those of the last 50.

Vega Nunez


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