To the Editor:

I have never been, nor do I believe I will ever be, someone who would protest. I do believe we all have the right to protest, but rioting only hurts the innocent, and that is never right. I am finding our governor a bit two faced when it comes to protests. When the Malheur protest was going on to bring to light the overreach of our BLM, Gov. Kate Brown ordered it stopped by any means! She sent in the feds, the state cops, etc., to stop a protest that wasn't harming anyone. I read they were cleaning the Malheur refuge buildings up, but then I read where they created a mess too. We shall never know the truth of that, but they were not physically hurting anyone. Did I agree with them occupying the refuge, no! I did understand they were taking a desperate measure to get attention to government overreach of ranchers. I did appreciate the fact they remained peaceful. Did they carry firearms, yes! They did not use them; you can be armed and not use your firearm. You can also be unarmed by the means of firearms and still deal destruction by arming yourself with bricks, baseball bats, explosives, etc., and deal a lot of harm to innocent people and businesses as we see happening across America right now. So why is one OK and not the other? A man was killed standing for his beliefs because Kate Brown ordered it stopped by any means, and he never once threw a brick, damaged a business or hurt a human being. Now because most of our government leaders are looking for any way to tear America apart, physically and mentally, so they can have things their way, it's all of the sudden OK to endorse the abuse going on. I watched in horror, as almost everyone has, the senseless killing of George Floyd, and I found it hard to believe those officers involved were not arrested on site. We need to stop destroying the freedoms and the America our ancestors worked so hard to gain for us. All lives matter.

Rusty Clark



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