To the Editor:

Where to start? Sex talk and the continuing saga of the Emergency Management Center (EOC)? I don't even try to follow the sex talk because it is just meandering smut stirred up just in time for elections. Go figure. The EOC story runs on with no end in sight. The EOC staff resigned, but no one asked why. The decision was made to move EOC out of the airport, although that location alone met the dictates of the Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) in effect at that time, which was based primarily on such emergencies and recoveries as Katrina. The FEMA directives changed daily and required many "do-overs." A security breached by identified airport staff was witnessed and security violated again by person or persons unknown. Equipment, keys, supplies, and receipts "disappear." The EOC continues to be disparaged by those who have never dealt with a pandemic but reap the rewards of the successful pioneering actions of others that lent a platform for them to brag from. Amazingly, the elusive keys, supplies, equipment and receipts sprung forth. Now, where were they hiding? In plain sight? Intentional? But, wait, another document is missing, and the media has another target to pounce on. Have they missed anyone from the original EOC staff for their smear tactics? All the reporting thus far has been based on assumed accurate information from the incompetent and uninformed, which, if you consider it, can be easily traced back to the source. In my opinion, journalism standards are deteriorating, and it only seeks out a target to vilify. Does smut have more value than the truth? William Shakespeare is quoted, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." Who will apologize to the dedicated EOC staffers who assured Grant County was adequately represented and enabled CARES and the county to move to Level 2 opening? You might give a thought as to the 75% reimbursement of FEMA expenses before you blindly believe the county is in dire straits.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City

Editor's note: Former COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center staffer Jodi Cook thanked the Eagle for providing her the documentation from our investigation that states she provided "no backup" for county court labor costs. "I hadn't seen that detailed form with notes before, so thanks for sharing," she said. Cook said there is backup. The Eagle will continue investigating.

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