To the Editor:

I understand that mud slinging is part of the elective process, running or not, but next time someone has an ad hominem blast at President Trump, they should visit

Richie Colbeth

John Day

To the Editor:

It is quite something to head down to what you think is just going to be a lunch at the Monument Senior Center to celebrate Veterans Day, only to find yourself one of a group of veterans being thanked for your service by receiving a beautiful Quilt of Valor. So many ladies in our community spent countless hours making these quilts, and I feel very honored to have received one recognizing my time in the Army during the Korean conflict. I would like to congratulate all the ladies for putting on such a great event. I was proud to serve my country and was humbled to finally receive such recognition. The wonderful quilting ladies deserve appreciation, as do all the other veterans for their service to this great country of ours.

Darrell Howe


To the Editor:

Surprise: The new music director is locally grown.

Photos in the last two issues of the Blue Mountain Eagle show Levana James as music director at Grant Union Junior-Senior High School.

It’s not so well known that she was Levana Gilmore, the daughter of Buzz and Bobbie Gilmore.

She’s a highly talented young lady who’s trained as a violinist and fiddle player.

Her teaching in our schools will be exceptional.

Al Olson

John Day

To the Editor:

Nine Marines with ages averaging around three quarters of a century met at the Outpost on Nov. 10 to observe the 243rd Marine Corps birthday. It was an enjoyable luncheon while reminiscing about past service, duty stations, MOS (field of training) with a few “war stories” sprinkled in. Mostly it was questioned, “Where did all the time go?”

At the closing, the bill was requested, only to learn that Pat Holliday, mother of Marine Warrant Officer Nick Holliday, who is near retirement, had called in and paid for our luncheon. We appreciate it, Pat! And to all those on Nov. 10 and Nov. 11 that said, “Thank you for your service,” we can only say, as part of the 1 percent of this country that serve in our armed forces, “It was an honor.”

Semper Fi.

Dave Traylor

John Day

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