To the Editor:

It appears that some local people are residing on the wrong side of the state. According to a Western Governors’ Association social media video, several local politicians and status seekers are snuggly ensconced in Gov. Kate Brown’s pocket and making a power play in Grant County. The director of the Blue Mountain Forest Partners, the Grant County Court liaison with the Forest Service and other locals named in the video can take a bow.

There is a concerted effort to discredit county voter-approved initiatives and a 2013 ordinance approved by the local County Court and sheriff. Although recently Commissioner Britton wanted his signature deleted from the Road Ordinance because he “changed his mind.” A natural resource plan was challenged and defeated by ex-county judge Webb and King Williams in a Circuit Court decision; at Mr. Webb’s instigation, the county Public Forest Commission, approved by voters 12 years ago while he was seated judge, was nullified and commission officials were removed from November’s voter ballot with no advanced notice by a Circuit Court decision; the 2013-01 Road Ordinance is being challenged and apparently the County Court has approved payment for an investigation even after legal counsel determined it was enforceable (your money folks). I foresee many initiatives targeted for destruction, and to date, some members of the County Court have refused to stand behind voters’ choices.

Any further invalidation of county voter-approved initiatives and ordinances will surrender more local control of resources and road access of our public-owned land more fully into the hands of the federal government, namely the Forest Service, and will enable BMFP to assume a major role in Forest Service decisions.

Other initiatives that might appear on Mr. Webb’s (and the BMFP) agenda are the UN-Free Zone and Citizens Participation in the Stewardship of Natural Resources on Public Lands passed by voters in 2002. Your public lands, your resources, your ordinances/initiatives and your votes all going to please Gov. Brown and the federal government.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City

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