To the Editor:

Grant County citizens recently received an unsigned flier demanding a yes vote on the recall of County Commissioner Boyd Britton. If one takes the time to investigate each of the documents purported to substantiate their claims, you find many discrepancies and gross manipulation of the written word, extracting sections of writing from their context and thus allowing for the meaning to be misinterpreted.

There are no minutes listed that support the allegations. The minutes of the Sept. 18, 2014, meeting of the Public Access Advisory Board are prepared by one of the petitioners, which make it difficult, at best, to determine what actually happened and what could possibly be substantiated by those particular minutes.

In reference to the ORS citations, all are general in nature and do not address a specific concern.

At the town hall meeting on Jan. 26, 2016, Mr. Britton was in attendance. Shortly after the meeting was to begin, one of the organizers announced there would be no meeting that night. How can any statement about intentions be inferred, let alone be judged?

Commissioner Britton did not support a demand to call for an investigation of the Canyon Creek Complex fire from a publicly elected group who did not comply with public meeting law when preparing their request on behalf of that group. They also did not offer a budget of the potential costs.

In short, the people who are demanding a recall have made unsubstantiated claims, backed them up with statute numbers and references to minutes that don’t apply. They have taken statements out of context to distort the original intent, with the hope you will believe their claims at face value. Do not fall for such tactics. Listen to the many community people who are standing up to this agenda. It is in the best interest of all the people of Grant County to vote no on the recall.

Beth E. Spell

John Day

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