To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter to Steve Beverlin, Malheur Forest supervisor, on behalf of Bucky Mule Deer and his family:

Steve, the 10-year forest initiative that your forest is working on now is destroying our homes. The loggers are removing all the habitat that we need to survive. They are taking all of the little trees, the brush, the browse we feed on, and leaving an area where we can look for a half a mile through the remaining trees and see nothing we can hide in. There’s nowhere for our babies to hide in order to escape being killed by a coyote, and if they are lucky enough to grow up, they have to dodge the cougars. We will be crowded in to smaller and smaller areas or forced to retreat to private land and that’s not good, because too many of us on private land makes the ranchers unhappy.

Our numbers are declining and the loss of habitat is part of the reason. I have lost some of my family and a good many of my friends. As far as we are concerned, the loss of our homes is not management, but destruction.

We need a place to rest and get out of the bad weather and hot sun, and a place to escape hunters during hunting season. Can’t you tell the loggers to leave a mosaic pattern of cover for us when they cut the timber? Or cut fire breaks? Fire breaks and a mosaic pattern of timber removal would help us immensely, and it would create the fire control that you are seeking, that has been proven in the past.

What has happened to common sense?

Reasonable logging is good for us and the mills need the logs, and that’s OK, but not the radical cutting that is being done in much of our home now. A parklike home is not good for us, and never has been. – Bucky Mule Deer.

Dean Elliott

Canyon City

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