To the Editor:

I’ve been watching the apparently orchestrated weekly letters printed in the Blue Mountain Eagle, letters attacking Sheriff Glenn Palmer by use of wild assumptions, and twisted and slanted attacks on Palmer’s honesty and integrity. It would seem clear that these letter writers are an active part of the opposing sheriff office candidate, and apparently with his approval of their statements and methods.

Ours is a national political system that has deteriorated over the years to what has evolved into a system that is bloated by self-serving individuals and puppet groups who are acting not in the roles of servants of society, but rather by enriching themselves at the expense of society by whatever means or actions they deem effective to accomplish their goals.

I personally applaud Glenn Palmer, who has managed his position not by a willingness to use his office as a governmental whipping post of the public, but rather, by his willingness and reason, to evaluate and apply the power of his office to at times as needed, to take a stand to shield that public against the frequent encroachments and abuses of a self-serving national governmental system gone power-mad.

As to the supporters opposing Glenn Palmer — with the very apparent approval of the candidate trying to replace him, the tone and clear twisting and distortions being used to attack Palmer speak volumes to their own integrity and honesty. If Grant County voters want still another level of governmental pressure, wielding an ever-growing control of the masses system, clearly using an “ends justifies the means” mentality, then the challenger is your man.

I personally fully support Sheriff Palmer, and he will have my vote as long as his name is on the ballot!

Gary Davidson

Canyon City

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