To the Editor:

According to theorists on the Science Channel, all those stars, novas (novae), space debris and planets out there are sucking up all the nutrients, gases and stuff that our solar system needs to survive. After a few trillion years, all those twinkling stars will snuff out — suffocated and starved to death. On the other hand, there are massive black holes meandering around our universe, sucking up space debris, defunct novas, stars and the like. So, my theory is that the black holes are nature’s toilets, flushing away all those greedy stars and debris that are depriving the rest of us of air and stuff, in a few trillion years or so. Now, I would like to theorize that a black hole may exist within the political realm. My question would be: Where can we find the flush handle to make it operational? Oh, I believe the flush is called “term limits,” and why don’t we establish them for career politicians who are sucking our nation dry and suffocating constitutional rights?

Judy Kerr

Canyon City

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