To the Editor:

In spite of rumors, assumptions and outright lies — some by the ownership and management of the Blue Mountain Eagle — Glenn has rightfully retained his office. As a retired production manager of one of California’s leading medium-sized daily newspapers directly responsible for 32 employees, I occasionally had to deal with disgruntled and malcontent employees. If direct one-on-one counseling proved ineffective, it was strongly suggested the malcontent find other employment. If that didn’t work, we made the decision for them! Any operation of any size will at times have to deal with unenthusiastic and disruptive workers, and that cannot be allowed to indefinitely exist and spread to other workers who represent the business, and are responsible for expensive equipment. Hopefully, there will be several employees within purview of Glenn Palmer who will soon be encouraged to seek employment somewhere distant to Grant County. And hopefully, the local paper will spend more time accurately reporting the news, and less time trying to manufacture it!

Gary Davidson

Canyon City

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