To the Editor:

During the Feb. 1 county court meeting, Mark Webb stated the reason he sought nullification of the Grant County Public Forest Commission was the relationship with the sheriff and militia! Webb further asserted I was present with him and county counsel when nullification was discussed. Patently false.

Past commissioner Chris Labhart, Judge Scott Myers and Commissioner Boyd Britton allege they knew nothing of the nullification effort until the issue was heard in circuit court. Who then authorized county counsel Ron Yockim to represent the county and receive payment of $7,500?

I’m throwing down the gauntlet in challenging Mark Webb to provide the location, date, time and those present when nullification was discussed. Webb said I was present, and I’m adamant I never knew of such a confab and certainly was not in attendance.

Harry Reid may have been able to lie on the Senate floor with impunity and other politicians when prevarication is exposed claim they “misspoke.” However, this is Grant County, and that does not cut it with folks. Mark Twain wrote of “simple liars, damned liars and experts.” So it is.

Dave Traylor

John Day

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