To the Editor:

We must do better!

Michael Byrne, running against Greg Walden in Oregon’s Second District comes with strong populist and working man values: $15 minimum wage, affordable housing now, stop predatory lending practices, credit agencies reform, thoughtful wise use of federal lands that belong to all of us, stop the wasting trillions of dollars on war, instead, rebuild this country’s infrastructure. Our children deserve every resource available to grow and thrive. The military industrial complex isn’t conspiracy theory. It is a fact, and along with that, net neutrality was repealed with serious help from Greg Walden!

A real, sensible approach will address causes of illegal immigration rather than the side effects, beginning with responsible trade policy that protects workers, the environment and increases the standard of living on both sides of the border.

Corporate America is making their profits off the backs of hard working families. It’s time they pay their fair share. Real tax reform is needed because most politicians are bought and paid for by corporate interests. But what about the working families who can’t afford to buy politicians?

Michael supports Bernie Sanders’ College for All Act, eliminating tuition and fees at public colleges and universities — and paid for by Wall Street speculation taxes. Michael believes Wall Street taxes should cover the whole cost, rather than just 67 percent of it.

With the decline in manufacturing jobs came a decline in union jobs and real wages. The unionization of America’s workforce should be a national mandate.

The future is in renewable energy, and we are blessed with wind and solar galore here in Oregon. The design, installation and maintenance of solar arrays and wind turbines are the family wage jobs of the future! The Clean Energy Jobs Bill in 2019 would help retrain workers for these jobs.

By supporting Michael Byrne now, you help turn the tide from the destruction being wrought in D.C. Every dollar helps. Get involved, and make all of our lives better by voting these priorities into office!

Robin Bloomgarden


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