To the Editor:

Did you know that Greg Walden grew up on a cherry orchard in The Dalles? Every fall, there are over 2,000 people employed to harvest the fruit off orchards in the Hood River Valley. After the harvest, fruit packing, canning and shipping employs in excess of 1,700 people each year. Who is going to pick, can and ship this fruit? Northwest farmers say they can’t hire enough people to pick their fruit or work in packing houses. These are real concerns coming from people who voted for Walden. His Second Congressional District, the six largest in the country, asks him to support the people, the economy of Hood River and our immigrant workers, by supporting realistic immigration legislation, such as the nonpartisan Bridge Act in the House. In addition, opposing legislation that is being introduced to reduce legal immigration would create an adverse effect on the economy in the Northwest, crippling an industry that is a large majority of his district. We need immigrants.

Carolyn Welty

Hood River

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