To the Editor:

Sometimes the solutions to a problem are the simplest ones and the least expensive ones. Banning guns in public places like schools leaves it wide open for an invasion or massacre.

If the teachers and employees of schools would be willing to carry a concealed weapon, a gunman could be stopped before he killed so many people, if any. I would be willing to bet, if the gunman knew that the people in school were armed, he wouldn’t try these mass shootings in most cases.

The personnel of the schools that would be willing to carry a concealed weapon would be trained in gun safety and marksmanship. There wouldn’t have to be any need for security guards to be hired. By the guns being concealed, a gunman wouldn’t know who was going to shoot back!

In addition, much more needs to be done to keep the firearms out of the hands of the mentally disturbed and terrorist-related individuals.

There is the old saying, you fight fire with fire! You fight guns with guns. You don’t fight guns with a bunch of new regulations!

Kenneth R. Moore

Mt. Vernon

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