Pulse of Oregon is a quarterly magazine covering healthcare and healthy living in Central and Eastern Oregon.

Expert Columns

Diabetes rates in Oregon have tripled since the 1990s. That statistic alone is alarming. Even more concerning is the relationship between diabetes and America’s leading cause of death – heart disease. Read more

Obsession with personal fulfillment realized through material means – the fairytale of happiness for sale – is customary in affluent cities like Bend and the broad landscape of contemporary American social and economic life. Read more

Geese are migrating south, and this year’s flu vaccine is at pharmacies. Have you ever wondered why we need a new flu vaccine every year? Or why there isn’t a single-shot, life-long flu vaccine? Read more

Few measures in the history of public health intervention compare to the impact vaccines have had on preventing disease and saving human lives. In the United States, vaccination against nine common vaccine-preventable diseases has reduced them by more than 90%, with some diseases now eliminated. In a cohort of vaccinated children, nearly 20 million cases of diseases were prevented, including preventing over 40,000 deaths. Yet for many, whether to seek an approved COVID-19 vaccine is still a question. Read more

Wallowa Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital and trauma center located in Enterprise, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the county’s first four-wheel drive ambulance, and it will be the only ambulance with a neonatal transporter. The hospital serves the residents and visitors of Wallowa County in northeast Oregon, an area encompassing 3,152 square miles known for its wintry climate and rugged terrain, with a population of more than 7,000 people. Read more

editor's pick

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop, challenging families to adapt to a new normal in terms of school, work and child care. Now we face the unease of returning to distanced learning and uncertainty of how the school year will progress. As we search for ways to stay safe, stay sane, and make sure our kids keep learning, here are some tips and tricks to help us all make the best of the new academic year. Read more