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“Happiness is a by-product of living the right kind of a life.” This is a quote from my daily meditation book, “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” by Hazelden. So powerful is this message that Hazelden found it necessary to repeat it several times throughout the year, like, if they repeat it often enough, the reader will finally get it. I got it. It took some chinking away at the armor, but I got it.

The Grant County Court adopted a new property search and inventory policy for the county jail on June 12 that brings it into compliance with a…

The Search and Rescue unit of the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and mutual aid searchers meet at Fields Creek Road and Highway 26 during their…

Grant County Search and Rescue Coordinator Dave Dobler is also a part-time forest patrol deputy for the county.

Humbolt fourth-grader Preston Davis stands, shouts and waves his arms to demonstrate how to signal to search and rescue crews if a person is lost.