Care outside the hospital

Blue Mountain Hospital District Home Health and Hospice staff: top row, from left, Dr. Zac Bailey, medical director; Larry Baughman, veteran volunteer; Ed Studtmann, volunteer; Michelle Gibson, social worker; (behind) Michael Harvey, pastor; Richard Smarr, retired RN; Linda Kowing, clerk and biller; Teresa Moery, nurse; Mitch Mund, hospice volunteer; and Krista Qual, hospice aide; bottom row, from left, Marsha Pereira, hospice aide; Jessie Saul, hospice nurse; Sylvia Ross, RN and director of Home Health and Hospice; Melanie Smith, hospice nurse; Shannon Winegar, hospice nurse; and Angie Lusco, hospice nurse.

Did you know we have a team of people who go to people’s homes to provide end of life care? We have nurses, a social worker, aides, a spiritual counselor and a medical director who make up the in-home team. And we have a wonderful support staff here at the office that makes everything run smoothly. The nurses are on call around the clock to be prepared for any of our patients’ needs.

Did you know if you are sick or injured we will come to your home and help to treat your wounds or rehabilitate you back to your pre-illness or pre-injury state? We have nursing, aides, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and of course, we work closely with the patient’s physician and other community resources that may be helpful. Blue Mountain Home Health is for those who have a hard time leaving their home for medical care. We strive to have quality healthcare in your home.

Did you know we offer a variety of things here in our office? We offer one-hour foot appointments, wound care, ear irrigation and also foley catheter care. These clinics are for people who are ambulatory.

If you have questions, please call our office at 541-575-1648 or email Sylvia Ross at

Sylvia Ross, RN, is director of Home Health and Hospice for Blue Mountain Hospital District.

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