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JOHN DAY – The Grant County Health Department has outlined the requirements and importance of immunizations for youth in schools and childcare settings in Oregon.

According to Lindsay Maghan, FNP, shots are required for attendance at all elementary, middle and high schools in Oregon – public, private, charter or alternative – as well as all preschools, Head Start programs and certified childcare facilities.

Maghan said immunizations are required first and foremost because they provide protection for the person receiving them from contracting serious diseases. She said they also help protect those around us and our communities by reducing the number of people vulnerable to those diseases.

“When enough people are vaccinated, these diseases tend to stop circulating,” Maghan said.

Outbreaks occur more frequently in schools and programs that serve young children, she added.

Oregon law requires the following shots for school and child care attendance:









Hepatitis B

Hepatitis A

Hib (only for children under age 5)

Oregon allows two types of exemptions: medical and nonmedical. A medical exemption is signed by a physician or the county health department. A nonmedical one is signed by a parent or guardian with an attached Vaccine Education Certificate, verifying completion of education about immunizations, either from a health care practitioner or the online vaccine education module.

For information about exemptions, visit

Immunizations need to be up to date, or exemption completed and on file, to keep children from being excluded from attending school and certified childcare facilities.

For more information, contact your health care provider, or call the Health Department at 541-575-0429.

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