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Grant County Health Department staff: back row, from left, Michelle Rand, Erin Smith, Jenni Workman and Jessica Winegar; front row, from left, Elizabeth Boyer, Donna Reid and Nancy Jimenez.

The Grant County Health Department’s team of health professionals, led by Jessica Winegar, offers a wide variety of services, including primary care, acute care, physicals, reproductive health, immunizations, dental clinic, WIC, Health inspector, Tobacco Prevention and education, a school based health center and much more.

Registered Nurse John Combs wears three hats for the health department: he is the Environmental Health Coordinator for Grant, Harney, and Wheeler counties; he is the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, inspecting restaurants, pools, motels, spas, hot springs, and more; and he is also the Communicable Disease Coordinator investigating reportable diseases in the county.

All patients, including women who are pregnant, can receive help accessing the Oregon Health Plan, if needed. While maternity care is not offered at the office, registered nurse, Jenni Workman provides maternity case management, home visiting, CaCoon and Babies First along with assisting pregnant women to access vital prenatal services in our county. .

The Health Department, located at 528 E. Main, John Day also offers the state Title X services and/or Contraceptive-Care Program (Ccare), providing services for women and men who need contraception, at minimal to no cost to them when they qualify for the program as well as a wide range of other family planning services.

All mandated and recommended children’s vaccines are offered. No child will be denied immunizations due to the inability to pay.

Grant County Health Department also offers the Health Smiles Dental Clinic for those who have no insurance for Dental Care, ran by Marley Winkleman. She is new to our team and is working hard to continue to make the dental clinic a success.

The Health department also offers education on tobacco prevent. Helping to make Grant County a smoke free environment to promote overall health for our communities. We are able to help with smoking cessation and to help with the policy issues related to smoke free communities.

In May 2015 the Health Department opened a School-based Health Center located at Grant Union Junior-Senior High school, which offers health care for Grant County students and school staff. The School-Based Health Center offers primary care services, a mental health counselor, sports physicals, vaccinations, well-child visits and much more. The SBHC is working towards offering Dental services as well. All with an ease of access that allows kids to stay in school.

The Health Department accepts private health insurance, payment plan options and offers a sliding scale for those who are uninsured.


Jessica Winegar, RN, Grant County Health Department Manager

John Combs, Environmental Health, Communicable Disease

Karen Triplett, Family Nurse Practitioner

Jenni Workman RN, Home Visiting Nurse, Babies First, Cacoon, MCM

Nancy Jimenez, RN Public Health Nurse

Erin Osgood, Accreditation Coordinator

Joanne Moles, WIC, office support specialist

Donna Reid, Billing Staff

Cindy Baker, Billing Staff/office support specialist

Elizabeth Boyer, Billing Office Manager

Haley Hueckman, Tobacco Prevention and Education Program

Marley Winklemam, Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic

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