The Cardiopulmonary department at Blue Mountain Hospital (BMH) performs a diversity of therapeutic and diagnostic cardiac and respiratory procedures using appropriate treatment modalities within the current scope of practice for respiratory therapists under Oregon state licensure. The respiratory therapist is an integral part of the health care team and is available 24/7 to provide pulmonary support for both acute and chronic patients in all clinical settings where our services are needed. These include the ICU, ER, nursery, C sections, medical and post operative care, outpatients, and Strawberry Wilderness Community Clinic. At BMH you will receive excellent quality of care by therapists and technicians who care about your health, at all times insuring patient confidentiality and dignity to a high standard. We are committed to delivering quality service by staying up to date in all areas of patient assessment skills that affect your care.

• EKG: More than 1,000 “Electrocardiograms” are done every year at BMH. Important and critical clinical decisions often pivot on the immediate and invaluable information to the physician that the EKG provides. Every EKG is reviewed by a cardiologist to ensure the best possible care.

• Holter monitoring. Every heart beat is recorded and analyzed, yielding detailed information about your heart health.

• Echo cardiograms: Performed weekly by visiting registered diagnostic cardiographic sonographer Cardiac stress testing: Safe, physician attended studies that evaluate cardiac performance

• Pulmonary function testing. To determine baseline condition of breathing passages and to assess their response to respiratory medications.

• Oxygen support therapy

• Medicated aerosol therapy

• Incentive Spirometry and PEP therapy (positive expiratory pressure)

• Newborn and pediatric services: A respiratory therapist attends every delivery to assess and assist the newborn when needed.

• Arterial blood gas analysis. To assess oxygen, carbon dioxide, and acid base status, allowing your provider to differentiate between respiratory and metabolic conditions and to quantify its severity.

• Critical care medicine

• Non-invasive mechanical ventilation: Our new Philips V-60 bipap machine with its state of the art auto-adaptive technoloy, provides supportive ventilation to patients in respiratory crisis without the need for invasive endotracheal intubation.

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