Blue Mountain Hospital is not only located in a beautiful community, but we have a great nursing staff. Our nurses have an average of 15 years of experience. They are qualified and they continue to enhance their certifications and nursing training. Some of them may be your neighbors and that’s why they are so special. They will give you the personalized care they would want their own families to have. We have dedicated ourselves to become a national leader in quality care for our patients. To measure this we have instituted dashboards that let us measure ourselves against other hospitals in the area while providing excellent quality standards of care. Our hospital provides you the same services you might see in a much bigger hospital, but we can provide them to you much closer to your home, and much more cost effective.

One of the programs we have instituted at the hospital is the Swing Bed Program. This program allows the physician to transition or “swing” a patient’s care from acute medical needs to skilled nursing care or rehabilitation. This program is based on the patient’s ability to improve and achieve higher levels of functioning. The goal is individualized care, helping the patient achieve their goals and meet individual needs. This program provides options for patients who are not quite ready to function on their own or to go home yet; but are not sick enough to stay in acute care. This patient might need physical therapy after having surgery or skilled care such as intravenous medications. They might need nutrition therapy or help with learning to care for diabetes needs. It’s a way for them to receive individualized care until they are ready to care for themselves. We can provide that care close to home making it easier on the patients families and the patients themselves.

We have a surgery suite that has two operating rooms with state of the art equipment. Our nurses who work in surgery have many years of specialized experience in the surgery department and will be there to assist you through the surgery process. They will follow up with you after surgery during your recuperation to make sure you are progressing with your healing process. If you need physical or occupational therapy after surgery we have excellent therapists who will be there to assist you to regain your previous abilities. Again, you may be a patient for the Swing Bed Program.

One of the other services we have is the specialty clinic. We can provide specialty care to patients in our own facility to prevent traveling, many times great distances to receive specialty care that you would see only in a much bigger hospital. We contract with an array of specialists in cardiology, orthopedics, and foot care. These specialists can see you in our weekly clinics on site as well as perform your surgery needs on site as well. There is no longer a need to travel great distances to receive the specialty care you need.

If you have an emergency, we have an outstanding emergency department that is staffed 24 hours a day with highly trained staff. On average a patient is seen in as little as 15 minutes or sooner if more emergent. This is something unheard of in a much larger facility. In the event you need to be transported to another hospital for care, Air Life is available for transport. Most often the patient can be stabilized in our ER and transferred to St Charles Medical Center in Bend.

You will have a team of nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and case managers whose first priority is to give the best individualized care possible to the patient. So for all your medical needs, please come see us and give us the chance to provide the best medical care for you.

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