Outpatient mental health

The Community Counseling Solutions staff.

Community Counseling Solutions provides mental health and addiction services in Morrow, Wheeler, Gilliam and Grant counties.

Its mission statement is “Providing dynamic, progressive and diverse supports to improve the well-being of the communities we serve.”

Outpatient offices are located in Boardman, Arlington, Fossil, Condon, Heppner and John Day, in addition to multiple school-based clinics.

CCS provides: a triage within 15 minutes of first contact; screening and assessments; individual, group and family counseling; psychiatric services; peer services; jail diversion; DUII counseling; crisis-intervention services; alcohol, drug and gambling addiction-prevention services; abuse/neglect investigations and examinations; and school-based services (local and school-based health care services).

CCS also offers enhanced services within the program:

• High-intensity services for high-needs patients

• Team approach

• Community-based

• Time-unlimited services

• High fidelity

• Positive outcomes

• All patients are screened for interest in employment (triggers SE specialist)

• Job training

• Job development with employer outreach

• Follow up supports

• Zero exclusion

• High-risk youth with emotional and behavioral issues typically with multi-system involvement

• High-intensity services

• Monthly Community Family Team meetings

• Service coordination planning

• Team approach

• Provides information and support to teens and young adults ages 12-25 experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time

• Fast access to psychiatric and counseling services

• Education about causes, treatment and management of psychosis

• Coaching on rights regarding access to employment, school, housing and additional resources

• Family psycho-education and support groups

• Support for vocational education and independent living goals

CCS offers respite and therapeutic foster care for clients in need of help outside their homes. CCS has multiple contracted private, in-home respite providers and contracted TFC homes. Along with respite homes, CCS provides assistance in coordinating for higher levels of care such as residential, secure residential, acute and sub-acute care and crisis respite. CCS utilizes in-house resources as much as possible while referring out when necessary.

For more information, visit communitycounselingsolutions.org or call 541-575-1466 in John Day, 541-676-9161 in Heppner or 541-481-2911 in Boardman.


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