Volunteers improve health care close to home

Blue Mountain Hospital District features an emergency room, clinics, specialists, physical therapy, ambulance services, home health and hospice and a care center. Volunteers help improve health care close to home in a variety of ways. Call the hospital at 541-575-1311 to see how you can give back.

Blue Mountain Hospital District volunteers give back in a variety of ways.

From responding to emergencies as ambulance volunteers to serving on the nonprofit hospital’s board of directors, there are many opportunities to serve.

Not all the positions have the same requirements, and anyone can give their time to help improve the quality of health care close to home.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, call Blue Mountain Hospital at 541-575-1311.

2016 Blue Mountain Hospital District volunteers

Amy Kreger, chairperson

Virginia Miller, vice-chairperson

Linda Ladd, secretary

Karla Averett

Marsha Delaney

Ryan Gerry

Dotty Parsons

Diane Browning

Dawn Gray

Amy Kreger

Chad Lauer

Cassidy Lemons

Greg Lloyd

Amy May

Linda Pettyjohn

Lee Teague

Mindy Walker

Myla Corley

Carrie Jewell

Alesa Molyneux

Laura Thomas

Lorraine Vogt

Rose Howe

Neita Brockway

Chris Camarena

Kenny Gillihan

Krystin McClung

Errol McPheeters

Marsha Pereira

Ed Studtmann

Larry Baughman

Marilyn Cannon

Sherri Dowdy

Mitch Mund

Patti Powell

Ed Studtmann

Jack Southworth, president

Sandy Bupp

Chris Cronin

Cyndy Fox

Judy Krutsinger

Gary Miller

Brenda Mosier

Tim Unterwegner

Wanda Winegar

Thomas Winters

Karen Bailey, president

Wilma Boyer

Maudean Brown

Nancy Chase

Margie Wagner Conlee

Carol Coombs

Marsha Delaney

Sally Dunn

Diania Fleming

Irene Gagnon

Soni Guttu

Mary Lu Horton

Kay Jensen

Mary Jones

Bonnie Kocis

Bert Kruse

Gloria Kulis

Kris Labhart

Linda Ladd

Isa Larkin

Judy Martin

Mary Miles

Virginia Miller

Joyce Nodine

Barbara Pollak

Alice Shawn

Kay Trafton

Chris Yriarte

Nick Green

Tilli Bjornberg

Lynne Combs

Rebekah Rand

Jack Southworth

Chris Labhart

Al Altnow

Teresa Aasness

Jim Hamsher

Mindy Walker

Jessica Winegar

Tammy Bremner

Kathryn Hedrick

Curt Shelley

Nora Healey

Scott Myers

Linda Watson

Ryan Nehl

Virginia Miller

Amy Kreger

Linda Ladd

Dotty Parsons

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