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The Blue Mountain General hospital at Prairie City will hold an open house for the general public, Friday, July 18, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Refreshments will be served to all attending, and everyone is cordially invited to attend and inspect the hospital and the many improvements that have been added recently to the hospital. A special program will be held for mothers and prospective mothers, featuring Walt Disney’s Technicolor film, “Bathing Time For Baby.”

In the evening there will be a banquet at the city hall served by the Junior Women’s club. Due to the limited amount of space the banquet has been confined to invitation only. C. W. Reynolds, manager of the Corvallis General hospital and president of the Oregon Association of Hospitals, will be the principal speaker.

V. C. Belknap, who practiced for many years in the John Day valley, will be present at the open house celebration. Dr. Belknap is very well known all over Eastern Oregon and for the past several years has resided at Nampa, Idaho.

Dr. Fred Hunter, now with the Portland Sanitarium, also plans to be present for the occasion. Both Dr. Belknap and Dr. Hunter have been appointed Honorary Members of the medical staff of the Blue Mountain Hospital, along with Dr. C. J. Bartlett of Baker and Dr. D. J. Lawson of Mt. Vernon, Washington. At this time it is not certain if Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Lawson will be present. The Honorary appointments were made by the City of Prairie City on July 14.

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