Long Creek Community Thrives
Saloons a Bit Rough-Edged

A full house of gambling men in one of Long Creek's saloons, circa 1900.

Fancies from Fox

We came to the “Palace” which we found full of men, all armed with 6-shooters, knives, etc. Upon inquiring of a small boy, we learned that they were members of the mounted patrol, and were kept by the “Republic” to shoot anyone who displeases them. But dad says they are a disgrace to a shooting community, for they have never been known to hit anything worth a darn, unless it was some old cat.

The “Republic” is destined to be of no small importance yet, for as far as the eye can reach, you can see here and there nice white dwellings, and thousands of acres of land, fenced and under the process of civilization, and there is every indication that they will raise enough this year to live on through the coming winter.

We forgot to mention that they have a Church in the “Republic” which is an honor to any city twice its size, which shows that they are good, law-abiding God-fearing people there, who are trying, with the “Eagle,” to redeem and purify the morals of the place – may success attend their efforts.

They have a good school, a drug store, four dry goods stores, a first-class hotel, two blacksmith shops, a feed and livery stable, and a butcher shop, all on one street, the same as your city has, but they don’t charge much for anything.

Dad says that the “Republic” is too much like Fox Valley, too cold to grow very large, or bear first-class fruit.

From your boy.

(Reprinted from the April 12, 1888, issue of the Grant County News, published in Canyon City.)

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