TO THE APPLICANT: Select any ten of the following questions.

TO THE EXAMINER: Grade the first ten answers only.

1. Use each of the following words correctly in an interesting sentence: seen, laid, isn’t, went, set.

2. (a) Use the possessive form of a proper noun in a simple sentence.

(b) Use a plural noun as the object of a verb in a complex sentence.

3. Use the neuter nouns in the following list as the subjects of sentences, masculine nouns as objects of verbs and the feminine nouns as objects of verbs and the feminine nouns as objects of prepositions: bundle, lion, table, queen, hero.

4. Write a sentence which contains pronouns of all three persons.

5. Use the correct form in the following sentences:

(a) One of them (is, are) going to be here.

(b) Either Joe or Susan (know, knows) about the affair.

(c) A box of lemons (was, were) overturned on the highway.

(d) If you are one of the men who (is, are) going to town, start at once.

(e) I (shall, will) probably write the letter tonight.

6. In the following sentence is seen transitive or intransitive?

Give a reason for your answer:

The cloud was seen by her before the rain began to fall.

7. Properly punctuate and capitalize the following: the smith sash and door co on 16th street jacksonville oregon was given a large order for windows casings and doors last thursday

8. Write a compound sentence containing an adjective phrase, a compound object and an adverbial phrase.

9. Write the principal parts of the following verbs: go, teach, write, show, play.

10. Define an appositive and give an illustration.

11. What parts of speech are used as modifiers? Illustrate the use of each.

12. Make sentences beginning with the following groups of words:

(a) Crying softly

(b) Eating the apple

(c) Slipping on the ice

(d) Catching the ball

(e) Defending the fort

(Courtesy of the Grant County Genealogical Society)

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