Easter, Thanksgiving, high school graduations, Independence Day or any day in the year could use a centerpiece to wow guests and impress family members with this simple yet effective piece of home decor.

Teri Bowden, owner of A Flower Shop N More, talked about the numerous benefits of a centerpiece and how they can make a little pop of color in any home.

“A specific centerpiece can be a focal part of any dinner arrangement,” Bowden said. “You’re planning your dinner with all these people to come, and you have planned a meal, dessert and table setting, but what are you missing? Something beautiful in the center of the table like a flower arrangement. It’s key.”

One aspect of centerpieces that Bowden loves is their vivid colors and brightness, which can complement a house. Bowden especially likes fall arrangements because they pop in a room and bring out so much color along with the opportunity for additional seasonal items that can be used such as leaves, pine cones and acorns.

Along with using centerpieces for guests at home, they can be effective when implemented into parties and events with multiple tables and many people.

“It’s so simple if you follow the basic guidelines of filling it in from the bases with your greens and then make it pretty and full by putting in your flowers,” Bowden said.

In making a simple centerpiece, Bowden said the first step is to have a base. The base can be anything from an old boot to a flower pot or plate. It’s also important to have wet green aqua foam in the base, she said.

Then add in greenery, such as leaves or complimentary additions, to fill in the space of the base. Other items that complement the theme can be used such as feathers, marbles or other decorations.

End by putting in flowers or silk flowers that match an event, season or sense of style. While the process seems straightforward, there are still problems that arise when creating a centerpiece.

During workshops at her store, Bowden said a common problem people have in making a centerpiece is hesitation.

“I noticed when everybody else is building centerpieces there’s so much thought and hesitation, and I think they’re timid or nervous, but for me it’s just like ‘put it in,’” Bowden said.

Even if mistakes are made, Bowden added that it’s a part of learning. She said not to worry because the flowers themselves are pretty, even if some of the arrangements don’t mix well at times.

A rewarding feeling when making a centerpiece is showcasing greens and flowers that come from a personal garden.

Bowden used to do classes and workshops, and people had the chance to bring in their own homegrown flowers for centerpieces.

“I just really think that an important part of our garden is to showcase our amazing creations that we grew out there,” Bowden said. “Look at this amazing sunflower I grew! Cut it, put it on your counter and enjoy it.”


Rudy Diaz is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at rudy@bmeagle.com or 541-575-0710.

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