So it was Jan. 1 (my mom’s birthday).

We were in our hunting spot, and elk came in. There were like 40 head, and we got a shot at one.

It ran to the other field, so me and dad go chase it, and we got within 100 yards.

Then we got set up. Then I shot it in the head (HEAD SHOT). I thought, well, at least we got meat.

Now, we got to gut it. (It was fun.) It took about one hour to two and a half hours.

We start at the butt and move up. We brush the hide off. Then we cut the hindquarters off.

Then we let the meat sit for about two to three days in our basement (because we don’t have a big enough freezer).

Finally we cut and separate the types of meat (tenderloin, heart, backstraps).

Now, my personal favorite time: eating the heart. It tasted like if you put your favorite food with onions.

The sad thing is I ate the heart in two days. So I guess it ends here.

I’ll just keep eating my heart while you’re gone, but wait, I don’t have any heart. Nooooooooo!

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