Hiking is a great way to get out and about to see the natural beauty of Grant County.

Here are three hikes ranging from an easy stroll to a high-mountain adventure.

A beautiful high-elevation lake created by a landslide, Magone Lake is encircled by a well-maintained path. About a mile and a half long, the trail doesn’t have any significant elevation gain. Keep an eye out, and you will see a variety of local birds and, if you’re lucky, a beaver.

The lake also offers great camping, and a network of mountain bike trails is under construction in the area.

From John Day, head east on Highway 26 for nine miles. Turn left on County Road 18 and follow it for 12 miles. Then turn left on Forest Road 3618 and follow it until you reach the lake.

Mostly covered in moderate to heavy timber, the hike offers a handful of scenic vistas. Signs of mining and timber activity from decades past can be seen on the hike. There are loops at both trail heads for easy trailer parking. The trail is rocky and rough in places, and those using mountain bikes should prepare for a bumpy ride.

From Prairie City, travel east on Highway 26 for 12 miles to the junction of Forest Road 2614. Go two miles to Forest Road 2614229. Turn south on Forest Road 2614229. Drive approximately a quarter mile to the trail head.

A well hidden trail that takes hikers in and out of the burn area from the Canyon Creek Complex fire, which burned parts of the mountain in 2015. The 28-mile trail features incredible views of the John Day Valley as well as a number of creeks and streams fed by snow melt. A great spot for an out and back camping trip; be sure to bring a camera along for this one.

From John Day, take Highway 395 south for two miles. Turn left onto County Road 52 in Canyon City. Travel two miles, then take a right on County Road 77 for approximately a quarter mile. Then take another right on Forest Road 7700333 and follow the road to the trail head.

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