The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing.

All the telltale signs of the changing seasons may cause one to open the curtains and launch into some spring cleaning.

Whether you need home organizing tips or ideas for a fresh look, home design experts from Canyon City and Prairie City have some ideas to make the chore a delight.

Debi Hueckman of Station 62 in Canyon City, and Judy Jacobs and Diane Clingman of Roan Outwest, Interiors and Design in Prairie City shared several solutions for brightening the living space.

Jacobs shared a quote from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

She said one of her favorite ways to begin sprucing up a room is to “start with a blank canvas.” Clutter can be overwhelming, she said, and as tastes change, people may find themselves stuck with useless knick-knacks and other once-loved items.

Clingman added, “If you haven’t used it in two years, throw it out — unless it’s the toilet plunger!”

Here are more ideas from the ladies at Roan:

• Focus on only one area. Get one room done. Set a timer and allow yourself to work for a time — one hour.

• Start small, like a junk drawer. When done, move on, but stay in the same room.

• Take away everything wintery — decorative pillows and throws, pine cones.

• Have three bins for sorting — keep, toss, donate.

• Touch each item only once before it goes in the bin. This helps you do it quickly and won’t let sentimentality set in.

• Let it go ASAP. Take a load to the thrift store right away with no second-guessing.

• Pull out 10 items you haven’t worn in the last year and donate or sell.

• Store special dresses or shoes in boxes under the bed.

Hueckman said some may be at a loss of where to begin, but getting the whole family involved in the process may help.

“Schedule a time when everyone can participate,” she said. “The idea of living a simplified, decluttered life appeals to all of us.”

For clothing, Hueckman uses the 80/20 rule.

“We generally wear 20 percent of the clothes we own,” she said. “The same goes with toys, books, DVDs and other items.”

When searching for room design ideas, she said it can be helpful to change one’s perspective.

“Take photos of the room you’re working on, and look at them away from home,” she said. “Ask someone over to help see your home in a new light.”

She said taking that fresh look or having new eyes on it can help.

“We don’t really see stuff when we live in it every day,” she said.

Hueckman said making time to organize the home can be rewarding.

“I feel that when you come home to an organized space, it gives you a feeling of freedom, space and relaxation,” she said.

Station 62, located at 145 S. Canyon City Blvd., features home decor, including whimsical signs, pillows, frames chalkboards, vases, throws and more. Hueckman describes the style as modern farmhouse with a little “boho” or Bohemian. Clothing, shoes, candles, jewelry, mugs, sunglasses are also available. The Station 62 coffee shop has a drive-up window, and Kim Grove, owner of The Cut Above, is an adjoining business partner.

Visitors to Roan, at 154 Front St. in Prairie City, will find a warm atmosphere with a plethora of rustic decor for every corner of the home. They also have a coffee shop, and sell wine, wine glasses, jewelry, yarn, rugs, all-occasion cards and more.

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