Archers get set for 3-D target shooting

Working on the archery range at Bear Creek Shooting Range near Prairie City are, from left, Joe Hitz of Sisul Engineering, Lorin Hodge of Tidewater Construction, and Les Percy, vice president of Canyon Creek Bowhunters.

PRAIRIE CITY – Members of the Canyon Creek Bowhunters group enjoy using the range for practice, and they’ll have another chance at it with the upcoming Predator Fun Shoot membership drive.

The event is set for 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, May 2, at the Bear Creek Shooting Range, west of Prairie City and just west of Keeney Forks Road on Highway 26.

Archers will aim at 3-D foam targets, including coyotes, wolves, cougars and bears.

The cost is $5 to shoot the course, or if you join the club, it’s free. The annual membership dues are $15.

Currently, there are 20 members.

Members can use the range, and club president Mike Springer said there will be club trips to other archery ranges.

The club also will host, for the second year, the Ironman Shoot on Saturday, May 30.

Landscaping at the archery area of the Bear Creek Shooting range is improving due to generous donations, and a good dose of elbow grease.

Springer said that last year that part of the property was covered with grass, juniper and sage brush.

“In March, Tidewater Construction shaped the range,” he said.

“We appreciate all the help and donations we’ve received from everybody, including Les Schwab, which donated $1,000 to the development of the archery range,” he said. “We have a long range plan that’s coming together.”

For more information, call Springer at 541-620-0676.

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