JOHN DAY – “Superheroes” took on the Hilton Half last Saturday, with 99 participants in all.

Some donned capes and masks others wore Batman or Wonder Woman logos, but all made it a colorful activity.

Several lined up at 8 a.m. in Prairie City for the half marathon, while others met near Pine Creek Road in John Day for the 10K and Dog Creek Road for the 5K where some walked and others ran.

Many children received a free cape for participating in the kids fun run at Seventh Street Complex.

The Hilton Half is named for the late TR Hilton who died suddenly in May of last year.

A longtime paramedic and Blue Mountain Hospital ambulance director, Hilton enjoyed competitive running and other similar activities.

“TR was know by his friends and family as ‘Superman’ because he tried to do it all, and did it pretty well,” said organizer Alicia Hall.

She worked with a committee of volunteers including her husband Dr. Dave Hall, Katrina Randleas, Levi Manitsas, Ryan Joslin, Chely Carpenter, Heather Bailey and Sheila Comer.

Proceeds from the event go to Families First Parent Resource Center.

Alicia said the help from volunteers including 4-H youth and leaders was remarkable.

She said she was also impressed with sponsors who gave monetary donations, offered smoothies for the runners and another who gave free massages for the participants.

“We had a great turnout – it was a lot of fun,” she said. “I think people enjoyed themselves.”

1st and 2nd place winners in each of the categories:

Men’s Half Marathon

1st place: Barry Dew, 1:34:17

2nd place: Troy Hooker, 1:35:25

Women’s Half Marathon

1st place: Kim Jacobs, 1:48:24

2nd place: Sheila Comer, 1:49:55

Men’s 10K

1st place: Tynan Callahan, 0:43:52

2nd place: Scott McDonald, 0:44:00

Women’s 10K

1st place: Devon Moan, 0:56:59

2nd place: Jamie McKay, 0:59:16

Men’s 5K

1st place: Tanner Elliot, 0:19:15

2nd place: Sam Bentz, 0:19:56

Women’s 5K Results

1st place: Sonna Smith, 0:26:52

2nd place: Rebekah Rand, 0:27:15

Superhero awards

Best Boy Super Villian: Logan Randleas

Best Super Group: Shawna Clark, Liska Havel, Oaklee Clark, Allie Clark, Tyler Blood

Most Accurate Superman: Kerry Foster

Best Girl Super Hero: Rozanne Mullin

Most Colorful Super Hero: Devon Moan

Silliest Super: Ineta Carpenter

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