JOHN DAY – Dancers from varied levels of expertise leaped into the hearts of their audience at last Thursday’s Spring Showcase.

More dancers than ever participated in the program, and the stands were packed at the Grant Union Junior-Senior High School gym.

“We had a great evening,” said event coordinator Shannon Adair. “It was great to see all the kids having fun performing and to see some young kids picking up those skills.”

Dancers from the youngest Level 1 team to the Grant Union varsity team participated with large group performances as well as small group and solo routines.

The Grant Union Gold seniors were recognized with flowers, including Amy Lallatin, Lucrezia Noseda, Auna Waldner, Jenny McCloskey, Carli Gardner and manager Charli Bowden.

Adair, who also received flowers from her team, announced that next year she’ll have two assistant coaches on board, Jessica Moore and Kattie Piazza, former members of Adair’s team.

The varsity team performed the routine they’ll take to the OSAA Dance and Drill State Championships Wednesday-Saturday, March 18-21, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland.

Adair noted that donations received at the Spring Showcase and the benefit dinner were significant and will help pay for the varsity team’s trip to the state competition this week and for summer camp.

She said Grant Union Gold is having an “exceptional” year.

“Mostly it’s their work ethic, positive attitudes and their desire to be the best that they can,” she said.

This year, the 2A team will compete against 1A-4A teams, all of a similar size with 13 or fewer members, compared to last year when the team was up against 4A groups with as many as 30-40 dancers on the floor.

“This year, 4A teams will be in the mix, but in a small teams division,” she said. “Everything is coming together, and we have a great chance to place.”

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