The Dayville/Monument Tigers made Thursday’s game against Adrian at the District 8 1A Tournament an exciting match, but fell 57-49 to the Antelopes.

The Tigers entered the contest seeded No. 3 for the High Desert League’s west side, and Adrian was No. 2 for the east.

Five Tigers were in on scoring in the first quarter, including Cade Milton, Drew Wilburn, Mark Thomas and JT Hand with 2 points apiece. Tiger Gabe Walker-Hopkins added a 3-point shot with 9 seconds left in the quarter to tie it 11-11, but Adrian’s Raul Bahena answered back with a 3-pointer near the buzzer to give the Lopes the lead.

Dayville/Monument tied the score 18-18 halfway through the second and trailed 23-20 going into intermission.

Although the Tigers put up a fierce fight, Adrian took the 8-point win.

“Adrian played a great game,” said Tiger head coach Jeff Schafer. “We didn’t move like we could have.”

Adrian was led by head coach Nathan Bayes. Antelope Gavin Bayes, who scored 14 points for the night, was named player of the game.

Wilburn scored a game-high 16 points, followed by his teammate Donovan Schafer with 15.

Coach Schafer said he looked forward to bouncing back the following day at the consolation match.

The Tigers defeated Huntington 46-45 on Friday to close their season.

Dayville/Monument stats vs. Adrian

Drew Wilburn: 16 points (two 3-pointers, 2-6 free throws)

Donovan Schafer: 15 (1-2 free throws)

Gabe Walker-Hopkins: 6 (one 3-pointer, 1-2 free throws)

JT Hand: 6

Mark Thomas: 2

Wesley Adams: 2

Cade Milton: 2

Adrian stats

Gavin Bayes: 14 (one 3-pointer, 3-3 free throws)

Raul Bahena: 13 (three 3-pointers, 2-2 free throws)

Sam Kiely: 13 (1-1 free throw)

Conley Martin: 6 (1-1 free throw)

Clay Ready: 5 (1-1 free throw)

Aiden Spiers: 4

Riley Bradford: 2 (2-2 free throws)

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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