Recent Grant Union High School graduate Tanner Elliott finished in first place at Saturday’s Gold Rush Run 5K in Canyon City, clocking in at 20 minutes.

Elliott and 40 others took the route through Canyon City past the Grant County Courthouse and up Rebel Hill Road where a historic schoolhouse stands.

Organizer Hugh Snook had to re-route part of the course to avoid two bridges on Inland Drive and Nugget Lane that have been closed since spring floods.

Snook said Elliott, a Canyon City resident, had a “great run” as the overall winner and winner of the men’s division.

There were a total of 13 Canyon City residents representing the town in the race.

The Gold Rush Run is part of the town’s ‘62 Days Celebration, marking the day when gold was found in Canyon Creek.

Brent Labhart of John Day had a second-place finish with a time of 21:05. He holds the current course record for the race.

“He competed well and turned in a good time,” Snook said.

“The night before he told me he was in his ‘worst shape,’” he added. “I told him his worst shape is better than most people’s ‘best shape.’”

This is the 21st year the race has run its current course, and Snook first competed in the race in the early 1980s, until it halted around 1990.

“I resumed the event as race director in 1999,” he said.

Snook said he enjoys his memories of running in the race over 30 years ago.

The event began with ‘62 Days in 1922, as each town competed in footraces, tugs-of-war and field events in those early days. The fun run originated in the 1970s.

“I am glad it is still part of the fabric of life in Grant County,” Snook said.

Gold Rush Run and Walk Results

Name, city, time (division, place)

Tanner Elliott, Canyon City, 20:00 (M15-19, 1)

Brent Labhart, John Day, 21:05 (M20-29, 1)

Jeffrey Kemp, Riverbank, California, 21:30 (M30-39, 1)

David Hall, John Day, 21:56 (M40-49, 1)

Grant Hall, John Day, 22:14 (M10-14, 1)

Kevin Nelson, John Day, 22:27 (M50-59, 1)

Brandon Smith, John Day, 22:28 (M30-39, 2)

Zac Bailey, Canyon City, 23:28 (M40-49, 2)

Levi Manitsas, John Day, 24:22 (M40-49, 3)

Ron Simpson, Canyon City, 24:47 (M50-59, 2)

Max Bailey, Canyon City, 25:30 (M10-14, 2)

Sheila Comer, Canyon City, 25:45 (W40-49, 1)

Matthew Brown, Canyon City, 26:39 (M20-29, 2)

Ali Ochoa, Mt Vernon, 26:55 (W20-29, 1)

Russ Comer, Canyon City, 27:21 (M40-49, 4)

Danielle Ricco, Prairie City, 27:25 (W30-39, 1)

Rosalinda Gonzalez, Canyon City, 27:39 tie (W30-39, 1)

Hannah Hinman, John Day, 27:39 tie (W30-39, 1)

Layne Christensen, Nevada City, California, 28:32 (M60+, 1)

Tammy McKenna, Mt Vernon, 30:04 (W50-59, 1)

Kristin Long, Seneca, 31:21 (W50-59, 2)

Madelyn Bailey, Canyon City, 33:18 tie (W10-14, 1)

Sarah Smith, John Day, 33:18 tie (W10-14, 1)

Cheryl Christensen, Nevada City, California, 35:42 (W60+, 1)

Kim Grove, Canyon City, 35:46 tie (W40-49, 2)

Sylvia Ross, John Day, 35:46 tie (W30-39, 3)

Eliza Bailey, Canyon City, 38:51 tie (W10-14, 3)

James Christensen, Mountain Home, Idaho, 38:51 tie (M0-9, 1)

Emily Kemp, Riverbank, California, 38:54 (W0-9, 1)

Heather Bailey, Canyon City, 40:29 (W30-39, 4)

Kyle Christensen, Mountain Home, Idaho, 43:47 (M30-39, 3)

Sarah Bush, Canyon City, 45:55 (W40-49, 3)

Melanie Leckenby, John Day, 45:58 (W50-59, 3)

Amy Kemp, Riverbank, California, 46:20 (W30-39, 5)

Noxi Long, Seneca, 47:21 tie (W0-9, 2)

Kelsey Long, Seneca, 47:21 tie (W20-29, 2)

Dennis Hopkins, Portland, 55:15 tie (M60+, 2)

Claire Cofsky, Portland, 55:15 tie (W60+, 2)

Robert Willey, Canyon City, 55:29 tie (M60+, 3)

Elliott Sky, John Day, 55:29 tie (M30-39, 4)

Ashley Christensen, Mountain Home, Idaho, 59:05 (W30-39, 6)

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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