Grant County beat Harney County in a four-person golf tournament at the Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch while raising money for both counties’ high school golf programs Saturday in the first annual, “Harney vs. Grant Battle.”

Grant County, in a scramble format, scored an average 62.15, said Silvies Director of Golf Roger Porzak. Ron Lundbom, Grant County team captain and Grant Union High School golf coach, said Harney County’s score was 65.

Porzak said the winning team was to receive 60% with 40% going to the runner-up.

“The goal of this inaugural event was to raise $10,000,” Porzak said. “The local communities stepped up in a big way, and in the spirit of harmony, Ron Lundbom and Scott Smyth, coaches and team captains, agreed to split approximately $20,000.”

Lundbom said Grant had about half the teams Harney did.

Winning the individuals was the Grant County team of Rand Schieve, Mike Walker, Mark Griggs and Kevin Logsden, shooting a 57. Griggs shot the team to the top of the leader board with a two-stroke eagle.

“In 40 years of golf, I’ve had three great shots,” Griggs said, “and I hit two of them today.”

For Grant County, Lundbom’s team, with Greg Grant, Marvin Gibbs and Mike Crawford, shot a collective 62.

Phil Jenkins, Brent Labhart, Randy Harner and Ryan Torland scored a 57.

Jacob Mast, Bob Peterson, Greg and Lane Josi scored a 60.

Mike Kemper, Dave Pesheck, Casey Taylor and Willie Nelson shot a 60.

Mitch Saul, Brad Armstrong, Colt Carpenter and Alex Finlayson shot a 63.

Derek Daly, Nick Piazza, Greg Jennings and Brandon Sickler scored a 72.

For Harney County, Smyth’s team, with Sean, Kirk and Mick Rothwell, shot a 63.

Mark Bell, Travis, Jake and Forrest Keady shot a 57.

Ty Cronin, Nathan Dick, Jason Vennice and Pat Broker shot a 58.

Tim Clemens, Doug Cawfield, Nolan and Roger Stampke shot a 59.

Clayton Ensign, Lucio Morales, Joe and Jeff Wheeler shot a 60.

Buddy Crisafi, Mick Miller, James Howden and Buck Sprague scored a 64.

Mandi Dowell, Monte, Mark and Trevor Simmons scored a 65.

Jake Thompson, Dave Mues, Mark Hammon and Maggie Thompson shot a 66.

Kenny Hanson, Jack White, Rick Hall and Steve Kelch shot a 67.

John Opie, Christopher Haigh, Jason Caruthers and Travis Hatley shot a 68.

Jeff Porter, Dan Grigg, Brad Mangum and Anthony Hinz shot a 69.

Mark Haines, Ron Wulff, Chet and Terry Smith shot a 69.

John Vawter, Jim Brommer, Larry Leong and Norm Mallonee shot a 72.

Tom Weil, Chuck Lynde, Randy Gillam and Jim Cronin shot a 75.

Porzak said the annual event was conceived by Silvies owner Dr. Scott Campbell and his wife, Sandy Campbell.

“It is a way for Silvies to give back to the community, support our youth, grow the game of golf and introduce Silvies to the surrounding areas,” Dr. Campbell said in a press release. “We are already looking forward to the 2nd Annual Harney vs Grant Battle next year.”



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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