Grant Union came out victorious at its home wrestling invitational on Friday with 18 of their athletes combining for 223.5 points against 11 other teams. Baker/Powder Valley finished in second place with 17 wrestlers scoring 114 points, Burns with 15 competing scored 136 for third, and Pine Eagle with 13 wrestlers scored 120 for fourth.

Grant Union head coach Andy Lusco said it was a great tournament with 130 high school and 120 junior high wrestlers.

“We paired wrestlers by ability and weight,” he said. “Our kids did very well in the pods.”

Prospector returning heavyweight champion Drew Lusco, a junior, had three quick pins over three opponents.

During the tournament, he said everything was running smoothly.

“Everyone is getting lots of matches and having fun,” he said. “My teammates are wrestling hard, and I’m proud of them.”

Prospector sophomore Logan McCluskey (145) said he had a goal going into the tournament to win, and he came out 3-0.

“I had a good competition,” he said.

Coach Lusco said McCluskey, who had been wrestling at 152, competed at 145 on Friday for the first time this season and did a “great job.”

Drew Lusco, McCluskey and sophomore Quintin Hallgarth (170) each scored 20 points for Grant Union.

“Quintin was tough and finished matches well,” coach Lusco said.

Prospector Frank Douglass, a junior, was 3-0 with 18 points.

“He came back from illness and looked great,” Lusco said.

Douglass said it was a good day.

“I had a lot of fun, and the wrestlers were competitive,” he said.

Justin Hodge (152) had a 4-0 record, three wins by pin, for 16 team points.

“Justin continues to dominate as a freshman in a tough weight class,” Lusco said.

“Damion Young, 3-1, is always tough and wrestled up to 152 and competed well,” the coach said.

Sophomore Ethan Moore (106) had a 2-2 record and beat Oliver Barnes of Burns, who beat Moore twice previously this season.

Freshman Sam McCracken (120/126) showed a “huge” improvement, Lusco said, winning two matches by a pin.

Lusco said freshman Ashley Henry is possibly his most improved athlete. She had a 2-0 record at the tournament wrestling against girls. In girls brackets, senior Sydney Brockway went 2-0, sophomore Sophie Brockway was 1-1 and freshman Arionna Young was 1-0.

Trinity Hutchison (152/160), a senior wrestling in the boys bracket, had a 1-2 record at Friday’s tournament. Hutchison was champion in the 155 weight class on Saturday at a girls tournament in Hood River.

“Trinity beat the No. 4, No. 1 and No. 2 seed on her way to being a champion at 155,” Lusco said. “This was a huge accomplishment at a tournament with over 160 girls.”

Grant Union Invitational

Ethan Moore (106), third place, 2-2, 7 team points

Sam McCracken (120/126), third, 2-2, 7

Ben Henry (126), second, 3-1, 13.5

Tanler Fuller (132), fourth, 2-2, 5

Casey Vaughan (132/138), third, 1-2, 7

Jesse Douglass (132/138), second, 2-1, 14

Logan McCluskey (145) , first, 3-0, 20

Justin Hodge (152), first, 4-0, 16

Damion Young (152), second, 3-1, 12

Trinity Hutchison (152/160), third, 1-2, 9

Frank Douglass (152/160), first, 3-0, 18

Quinten Hallgarth (170), first, 3-0, 20

Russell Hodge (182), second, 2-1, 14

Drew Lusco, (285), first, 3-0, 20

Sydney Brockway (138 girls), first, 2-0, 9

Sophie Brockway (138/145 girls), second, 1-1, 4

Ashley Henry (120/125 girls), first, 2-0, 16

Arionna Young (120/125), second, 1-0, 12

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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