The Grant Union Prospector girls ran neck and neck against the Faith Bible Falcons for most Thursday’s OSAA Basketball State Championship quarterfinals, but the Falcons pulled off a 53-49 win in the final seconds at Pendleton High School.

Grant Union is led by head coach Casey Hallgarth, and Faith Bible is led by head coach Eddie Kirkpatrick.

Faith Bible’s Izzy Steerman started off the scoring with a 2-point layup off a steal, and Trinity Hutchison answered back with a 2-point jump shot for Grant Union.

Prospector Madi McKrola added 2 points at the foul line, and Kaylee Wright landed two 3-point shots and was 2-2 at the free-throw line, and Grant Union lead 13-11 in the first quarter.

The Falcons outscored Grant Union 16-6 in the second, but Grant Union made a comeback in the third, battling to within 1 point of Faith Bible 38-37.

The gloves came off in the fourth in a back and forth battle.

After Falcon Katie Fajer scored on a layup, Prospector Mariah Moulton fired off a three-point shot for a 40-40 tie.

The Falcons had two looks at the free-throw line for 2 points.

Grant Union again took the lead after Kaylee Wright added a free-throw point and Hutchison scored on a layup.

Fajer tied the scored again 43-43 at the free-throw line.

Prospectors Hailie Wright scored 2 and Hutchison blocked Fajer’s shot, but Fajer scored another point at the free-throw line a short while later.

Kaylee Wright scored another 2 for Grant Union for a 47-44 lead with 4 minutes to go.

The Falcons tied it 47-47 with 1:15 left, then pulled ahead by 5.

Hailie Wright was fouled as she aimed beyond the arc, and she sank 2-3 at the foul line, but with only 3 seconds remaining in the game, Grant Union ran out of scoring opportunities.

Kaylee Wright was named Player of the Game for Grant Union, Izzy Steerman for Faith Bible.

Grant Union will face the Heppner Mustangs at 9 a.m. Friday in a consolation game at the Pendleton Convention Center.

If the Prospectors win, they’ll play for fourth place on Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Pendleton Convention Center.

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