This year, three youth scored an astounding 399, 398 and 397 points out of 400 at Saturday’s 4-H archery competition.

“Those are fantastic scores,” said Mike Springer, who leads the 4-H archery program, along with Andy Day. “The judges, leaders and parents should all be very proud of each and every one of the participants.”

There are 300 points available with an extra 100 points for no safety violations.

The event, held behind Winner’s Choice Bowstrings, had 22 youth in junior (grades 4-6), intermediate (grades 7-9) and senior (grades 10-12) participating. Five others participated on a separate day.

The 4-H groups were from John Day’s Airport Flyers club, Prairie City Community Club and Monument’s North Fork Community Club.

Most used compound bows and shot in the freestyle division, while others shot in the traditional division with recurve bows.

Competitors in the bear bow division used a compound bow with no sights.

Andy Day and Mike Springer were the range officers. Maxine Day and Shannon Springer kept the score and made sure the right shooter was shooting at the right target. All four judges scored the arrows and watched for any safety issues.

Their targets will be on display Wednesday through Saturday at the fair pavilion, along with 4-H shotgun and rifle targets.

“All the kids shot extremely well,” Springer said. “The judges all agreed that there was a huge improvement over last year’s scores and in overall performance. We also had another year with no safety violations.”

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