McHaley Pond

Children fish at McHaley Pond in Prairie City, which will be stocked with 500 legal-size trout April 15-20 by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Those fishing for a “big one” on the line will be happy to hear the John Day District is adding 1,000 additional trophy-sized trout to their stocking program this year. The trophies will be distributed throughout the area’s stocked lakes and ponds.

“We are hoping this will increase angler satisfaction,” said Assistant John Day District Fish Biologist Brent Smith.

Lakes, ponds and reservoirs stocked in the county include:

April 8-13

Long Creek Pond: 500 legal, 100 trophy

Twin Ponds: 750 legal

April 15-20

McHaley Pond: 500 legal

Seventh Street Pond: 1,000 legal, 100 trophy

Holliday Park Pond: 1,000 legal, 100 trophy

May 13-17

Rowe Creek Reservoir: 1,000 legal

Trout Farm Pond: 1,000 legal

Bull Prairie Reservoir: 1,000 legal

Holliday Park Pond: 500 legal, 100 trophy

Magone Lake: 1,250 legal

McHaley Pond: 500 legal

May 20-24

Aldrich Ponds: 300 legal, 150 trophy

Long Creek Pond: 1,000 legal

Wildcat Pond: 150 legal

Brandon’s Pond (John Day Screen Shop Pond): 1,050 legal, 100 trophy

Umatilla Forest Ponds south: 2,600 legal, 200 trophy

Cavendar Pond: 1,000 legal, 200 trophy

Twin Ponds: 500 legal, 100 trophy

Morrow County OHV Park Pond 1: 500 legal

Morrow County OHV Park Pond 2: 700 legal

May 27-June1

Twin Ponds: 1,000 legal, 150 trophy

May 27-June 7

Holliday Park Pond: 500 legal

Trout Farm Pond: 500 legal, 200 trophy

McHaley Pond: 1,000 legal, 100 trophy

June 3-8

Anson Wright Pond: 1,000 legal, 100 trophy

Bull Prairie Reservoir: 1,000 legal, 250 trophy

June 10-15

Olive Lake: 2,225 legal, 1,000 trophy

June 10-21

Magone Lake: 1,000 trophy

June 17-21

Magone Lake: 1,000 legal

Umatilla Forest Ponds south: 1,850 legal, 100 trophy

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.


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