Young cowboys and cowgirls from as far away as Texas competed at the Grant County Junior Rodeo Saturday at the Fairgrounds.

Grant County Fairgrounds Manager said 130 contestants came out this year for the event, up from 75 in 2019. Last year’s Junior Rodeo was put on hiatus due to COVID-19, according to Winegar.

She said she was happy to see the annual event back this year.

“This is a Grant County tradition,” Winegar said.

To kick off the rodeo, the organizers honored the 13 service members who were killed last month in Afghanistan before the U.S.’s planned withdrawal from the country.

“It was a nice little ceremony,” Winegar said. “Rodeos are very patriotic.”

Winegar said rodeo emcee and Cornerstone Christian Church pastor Levi Manitsas said a short prayer.

She said it was also important to hold the ceremony with the rodeo being held on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Organizers Shilo Burton and Brittany Desadier said roughly 20 volunteers chipped in to make the event happen and they thanked the fair board as well.

Winegar said the county has hosted the event since 2005.


All-around champion

Talyn Sandifer


First: Zeleta Masterson, 19.260

Second: Zoey Beam, 20.289

Third: Talyn Sandifer, 20.672


First: Rylee Russell, 15.844

Second: Bryce Roggenkamp, 16.47

Third: Talyn Sandifer, 16.547


All-around champion

Lainee Winebarger


First: Lainee Winebarger, 23.311

Second: Emerson Russell,23.351

Third: Jolee Oakes, 24.164

Steer riding

First: Brody Fife, 70

Second: Jaxon Griffith, 65

Third: Landyn Fincher, no score recorded


First:Molly Davis, 12.329

Second: Landyn Fincher, 15.604

Third: Payson Green, 16.053


All-around champion

Callie Smith-Giovanini

Calf riding

First: Callie Smith-Giovanini, 66

Second: Kale Tremblay, 65

Third: Cole Molly, 60


First: Josie Kimball,23.597

Second: Millie McCoin,24.34

Third: Kinglslee Green, 24.727


First: Brinlee Smith-Giovanini, 14.132

Second: Jadon Snow, 14.157

Third: Riggin McGinnn, 15.192

Dummy Roping

First: Riggin McGinn

Second: Tate Turner

Third: Jadon Snow

Pee wee

All-around champion

Hazel McGinn


First: Bowen Bronson, 3.25

Second: Gage Tremblay, 3.06

Third: Wyatt Hansen, 2.69


First: Monnee Jo McCain, 24.317

Second: Maven Russell, 31.567

Third: Hazel McGinn, 32.036


First: Maven Russell,38.916

Second: Quincee Jayne Harper, 40.568

Third: Hazel McGinn, 42.315


First: Hazel Mcginn, 9.445

Second: Maven Russell, 9.518

Third: Monnee Jo McCain, 11.395

Dummy roping

First: Sterling Oakes, 9

Second: Bowen Bronson, 6

Third: Hazel McGinn, 5



Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at or 541-575-0710.

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