This year’s Grant County Junior Rodeo was well attended Aug. 11 at the Grant County Fairgrounds in John Day.

Organizer Shilo Burton-Harper said 107 contestants entered, “a record for this little junior rodeo” that’s part of the Grant County Fair.

Burton-Harper and co-organizer Brittany Desadier hosted the event with the assistance of over 25 volunteers.

“This is one of the few single-day junior rodeos still being put on in Oregon,” Burton-Harper said.

Chad Finley, who won the calf roping event at the Aug. 9-10 Grant County NPRA Rodeo, was out in the arena as a volunteer at the Junior Rodeo.

“I have nephews and my cousins’ kids involved,” he said. “I like to help out and get young kids involved in rodeo.”

He was in the arena assisting when 6-year-old Bransyn Harper charged out of the gate in the mutton bustin’ event, staying on for several seconds, though he was not officially competing with that age group.

“I couldn’t keep up on foot,” Finley said.

Burton-Harper said she appreciated all who helped with the event.

“This would not have been possible without sponsors and supporters of America’s rodeo youth,” she said.

Volunteers included: announcer Jake Taylor, Brittany Doherty, Emma Winkelman, Andrea and Jeff Finley, Christy Finley, Chad and Whitney Finley, Monte Legg, Trever McCoin, Jim Hamsher, Trever and Marley Hamsher, Trever Faulkner, Daryl Burton, Jim and Carrie Merek, Jordan Desadier, Meghan Tremblay, Colleen Wyllie, Tonya and Jason Rosebrook, Tara Finley, Nicole Israel, Kyla Emerson, Denali Twehues and more.

All-around winners

Peewee: Kingslee Green

Youth: Paysen Green

Junior: Gabby Bartolotta

Senior: Talyn Sandifer

Peewee Division

Mutton bustin’

First: Raynes Russell

Second: Madison Rockhill

Third: Kingslee Green

Barrel racing

First: Rhilynn Compton

Second: Jace Davis

Third: Millie McCoin

Pole bending

First: Kingslee Green

Second: Cole Holly

Third: Kane Robison

Goat tail untying

First: Kingslee Green

Second: Raynes Russell

Third: Jace Davis

Dummy roping

First: Kingslee Green

Second: Jace Davis

Third: Blake Kimball

Youth Division

Calf riding

First: Tatyn Harper

Second: Paysen Green

Third: Emmett Oliver

Barrel racing

First: Cooper Holly

Second: Paysen Green

Third: Tavin Desadier

Pole bending

First: Lainee Winebarger

Second: Paysen Green

Third: Cooper Holly

Goat tail tying

First: Jadon Snow

Second: Cooper Holly

Second: Paysen Green

Dummy roping

First: Tate Turner

Second: AJ Freese

Third: Tatyn Harper

Junior Division

Steer riding

First: Steven Davidson

Second: Kase Schaffield

Third: Gavin Foglio

Chute doggin’

First: Kase Schaffield

Second: Coy Mathiasen

Third: Earl Oliver


First: Earl Oliver

Second: Zoey Beam

Barrel racing

First: Carlie Palmer

Second: Corley Holliday

Third: Gabby Bartolotta

Pole bending

First: Gabby Bartolotta

Second: Bailey McCracken

Third: Zoey Beam

Senior Division

Steer riding

First: Clay Merek

Second: Frankie Beam

Third: Coy Schaffield

Chute doggin’

First: Garrett Foglio

Second: Cody Eskew

Third: Coy Schaffield


First: Talyn Sandifer

Second: Brooke Blevins

Barrel racing

First: Talyn Sandifer

Second: Sarah Clark

Third: Laramie Kizer

Pole bending

First: Sarah Clark

Second: Talyn Sandifer

Third: Brook Blevins

Goat tying

First: Brook Blevins

Second: Macey Moore

Third: Clay Merek

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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