The July 29 Cinnabar Mountain Playdays youth rodeo went off without a hitch, with a crowd of 34 youth competitors and many volunteers working together.

Fifth in the youth rodeo series, the event was held at the Grant County Fairgrounds in John Day. The final event will be a night rodeo held at 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, with registration starting at 4 p.m. Admission is free for spectators.

“We have had another successful season of Cinnabar Mountain Playdays,” said board president Didgette McCracken. “It has been built over the years by continued dedication of many individuals.”

She said the board has been excited to see the continued support of families, volunteers and financial sponsors.

“It is very hard to find an environment where kids of all ages can compete and learn in a variety of skill levels,” she said. “We are proud to give families and kids this opportunity to learn and grow skills with their horses and grow their confidence.”

Addison Wilson, 5, rode her horse at full speed at the front of the arena, competing in the goat tying event. She said she practices at home for the rodeos.

“Running my horse was my favorite because it’s fun,” she said.

Aaliyah Marciel, 10, said what she learns most from the youth rodeos is controlling her horse.

“You learn more about having the horse trust you, and you can trust them,” she said. “It helps with all the events.”

Ten-year-old Riley Gregg said he competed in all the events, and especially enjoys loping his horse.

“It’s really fun, and I get to experience my new horse after my old one passed away two years ago,” he said.

The best thing about the youth rodeos for Shayna Marciel, 9, is the opportunity to learn about rodeoing. She said goat tying is her favorite event, and she hopes to continue competing when she’s older.

Taylor Hamilton, 8, said she’s improved her riding skills while participating in the rodeos.

Allison Bohnert, 7, said she had fun competing in all the events.

“They aren’t about winning, they’re about having fun,” she said.

Cinnabar Mountain Playdays July 29


First: Blake Kimball

Second: Ben Henslee

Third: Bransyn Harper


First: Brooklynn Kimball

Second: Allison Bohnert

Third: Ruby Hooper


First: Aaliyah Marciel

Second: Molly Davis

Third: Helen Rowell


First: Bailey McCracken

Second: Clint Rutherford

Third: Sam McCracken


First: Sarah Barker

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