Over a dozen ranch hand cowboys and ranchers gathered together at the Grant County Fair Aug. 15 to compete for the top spot in team branding.

Unlike most professional cowboy rodeo events, team branding is a competition of day-to-day activities at a working ranch.

In the event, each team must rope four head of cattle with their designated team number on them in under 10 minutes while all un-roped cattle stays on the other end of the arena.

Jake Taylor, whose team took first place, said this is an event from years past. He said there has been a longtime friendly rivalry between Grant and Harney counties.

“It’s a lot of fun”, he said of team branding. “We were just grateful people were able to bring the cattle out for the event.”

Taylor said ranchers came from as far as Harney County and beyond.

Ten teams of four competed.

First place: Alec Oliver, Jay Burril, Trevor Knowles and Jake Taylor.

Second place: Casey Shelman, Jack Glascock, Willy Stoddard and Eric Steen.

Third place: Chad Finley, Ryan Verling, Jim Jacobs and Justin Jacobs.

Other competitorsTeam one: Rocky Marsh, Cutter Marsh, Steve Gilliam and Tate McNab.

Team three: Clint Weaver, Cinch Anderson, David Wratchford and Carl Gray.

Team four: Glen Adams, Seth O’Crowley, William Clark and Justin Hill.

Team 6: Jack Field, Austin Chippewetti, Kyler Beard and Jake Winona.

Team seven: Brent Clark, Rusty Clark, David Clark and G.W. Clark.

Team eight: Kenny Nunez, Shane Sheets, Levi Harrris and Ty Harris

Team 10: Tim Messner, Russel Cordoza, Brandon Beers and Sam Willis.

Team 11: Trevor Faulkner, Thad Harris, Mary Lee White and Hunter Hopkins.


Steven Mitchell is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. Contact him at steven@bmeagle.com or 541-575-0710.

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