shooting the breeze: reynolds rifleworks

Jake Reynolds takes aim with one of his custom rifles.

You have been using the same old off-the-shelf rifle for years. It works all right, but you just have the itch for something new. A custom rifle that not only looks good but performs better than what you have in the closet. Well, you are in luck. Owned and operated by Jake Reynolds, Reynolds Rifleworks is located right here in Grant County and can likely make all your rifle dreams come true.

Growing up with a dad who was an avid hunter and military marksman, Jake was exposed at an early age to quality rifles. When he was old enough to hold it up, Jake was allowed to use his dad’s very own custom rifle to compete in 4-H shooting competitions. Jake’s love of shooting fueled his desire to create next level rifles.

In 2018, Jake decided he needed something special for elk hunting. With the help of a gunsmith friend he put together his first rifle, a .300 Ultra Mag on a Remington 700 action. He is still waiting on that elk tag, but says it worked like a charm on antelope.

He enjoyed building rifles so much that in 2020, he took the leap and started Reynolds Rifleworks LLC here in Grant County. Jake can do a variety of rifle work, from refurbishing a wood stock to skeletonizing your bolt or laser engraving. For a complete list of his services, check out his website, One of the services he provides is loading custom ammunition to work with the rifle he builds for you or the pet rifle you have. Jake cautions, though, that it is a little more expensive than off-the-shelf ammo.

While Jake can do some truly impressive work on an existing rifle, what he really likes to do is build super-accurate custom bolt-action and semiauto rifles. I had the pleasure of handling a 6.5 PRC he put together. With a carbon fiber barrel and stock, it was nice and light, but smooth to handle, and shot well. I may have coveted just a little bit.

If you are looking for something a cut above what you can find on the gun rack, it is worth your time to get in touch with Jake. He can be reached either through his website or by phone or text at 541-620-4256. Let him know what you are thinking of, what components you want to marry together, and he will work to make your dream a reality.

What is your dream rifle? Let us know at

Rod Carpenter is a husband, father and huntin’ fool.

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