Runners, joggers, walkers of all ages, and even some stroller riders, competed in the sixth annual Bunny Hop 5K held April 20 in Dayville.

There were 45 participants divided fairly evenly into four age groups.

Mark Thomas, a sophomore at Monument High School, was the fastest runner overall with a time of 21:57. He ran in the 14-26 division.

Prizes awarded to first-place finishers included a medal and an Amazon Echo Dot, donated by Oregon Telephone Corporation.

Second-place finishers received a medal and a water bottle.

Reid Dole won the Buddy Award of $50 as the first runner in the 0-13 age division to cross the finish line. He had a time of 32:31.

The prize is in honor of a tame elk, fondly referred to as “Buddy the Elk,” that joined the race with children back in 2016.

The prize money was donated by Old West Federal Credit Union.

Proceeds from this year’s race benefit future city of Dayville events such as the Fourth of July celebration.

At the conclusion of the race, an Easter egg hunt was held at Dayville’s city park.

Emma Winkelman spearheaded the 5K with help from city recorder Ruthie Moore and others.

Bunny Hop 5K Results:

0-13 Division

Reid Dole, 32:31

Kellen Fretwell, 33:01

Carson Thompson, 33:02

Ethan Thompson, 33:02

Preston Fretwell, 36:11

Everleigh Schmadeka, 37:37

Riley Gregg, 50:14

Hallie Jean Larson, 54:06

Miles Ashley, 56:51

Adelynn Ashley, 56:51

Grayson Schmadeka, 37:37

14-26 Division

Mark Thomas, 21:57

Cyrus Ward, 23:10

Aubreianna Osborne, 26:25

Cheyenne Perkins, 26:57

Justin Larson, 29:21

Riley Walker, 32:27

Mary Cade, 34:42

Renee Ward, 35;06

Jaydon Hoffman, 36:54

Treiquella Osborne, 41:45

Jamie Waltenburg, 47:29

DarylAnn Waltenburg, 47:29

Emmaleigh Larson, 54:06

27-49 Division

Taylor Schmadeka, 26:08

Molly Carter, 29:47

Tiffnie Schmadeka, 37:37

DeeDee Kluser, 38:33

Treila Osborne, 41:47

Valli Hettinga, 43:33

Marley Winkelman, 49:19

Nathaniel Ashley, 56:51

Michael Ashley, 56:51

50 and up Division

Cheri Cook, 30:30

Nancy Crisley, 32:05

Lori Smith, 37:51

Charlene Morris, 41:33

Babette Larson, 46:50

Robert Waltenburg, 47:29

Janet Plocharsky, 49:19

Ed Winkelman, 49:35

Jody Winkelman, 49:45

Cindy Streeter, 49:45

Cindy Inscore, 56:34

Nicki Cohoe: 1:14.03

Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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