JOHN DAY – The local Sea Dragons came out high-point winners last weekend as they hosted the John Day Invitational Swim Meet.

Observers said it was the first time in at least a few years that the John Day Swim Team has achieved that goal, for a home or away meet.

“It’s impressive that our little team with so many little kids did so well,” said coach Crista Waldner. “It was pretty close – it came down to the last two events.”

The John Day team had tough competition from Prineville, Lakeview, and the Hi-Desert Swim Team from Burns, as well as Baker City’s YMCA team, the La Grande Swim Club and Pendleton Swim Association.

John Day came in first with 409 points; Lakeview, second, 391; Prineville, third, 367; Hi-Desert, fourth, 345.5; Pendleton, fifth, 228; Baker, sixth, 107; and La Grande, seventh, 87.

John Day has 48 swimmers. Waldner, a first-year coach, said other than the youngest kids, most of the swimmers have been involved with the swim team before.

“It’s pretty exciting – I’m building off of all the other coaches who have come before,” she said.

Myckee Coalwell said she was pleased that her 18 and under freestyle relay team – with her sister Torie, Railey Namitz and Auna Waldner – won second place this meet, after placing fourth all season.

The winning team edged them just a fraction of a second at 2:05.19, with the John Day team coming in at 2:05.33.

The final marks are an average of times taken by an underwater electronic touch pad and two people per lane serving as timers.

“It was exciting,” Myckee said.

“We had a lot of tight races,” Torie added.

On Monday, the Coalwells and the Waldners sorted through dozens of trophies kept in a closet at Gleason Pool, searching for the last time the team had placed first at a meet.

The most recent first-place trophy they found was one from 1991 – there were also 14 sportsmanship trophies. They plan to display the trophies in the pool office.

Swim team board president Erin Hodge, who has two sons and one daughter on the team, was happy with the results.

She said the fact that more team members showed up for the local meet boosted their chances of placing well.

“It felt pretty good to get the high points,” she said. “The majority of our team showed up – normally we’re third or fourth.”

Up next is the district meet in Burns this Friday-Sunday. Most of the team members qualify for districts.

Preliminary races will be held in the mornings with the top six in the East Cascade League competing in the finals in the afternoons.

Regarding last weekend’s meet, coach Waldner said the overall success was due to families working together to help with duties such as setup, timekeeping, computer results, officials, hospitality, fund-raising, and concessions.

She added that several of the kids participate on the team with siblings and cousins.

“It’s all the kids, boys and girls of varying ages, on the same team,” she said. “And it’s one of those things people tend to stick with – it’s a fun sport.”

Two fund-raisers were held during the swim meet. Sarah Russ won the $500 prize from the duck race which benefited the swim team, and Christy Rheu won the 50/50 drawing on Saturday, supporting the swim team and Gleason Pool.

John Day Swim Team results (top three):

Boys 8 and under 100-yard medley relay

1st, 2:08.51, Zeri Janssen, Isaac Janssen, Ryan Coalwell, Trevor Gabbard

Girls 10 and under 100-yard medley relay

1st, 2:00.08, Laken McKay, Amelia Hall, Sivanna Hodge, Naomi Mullin

Boys 10 and under 100-yard medley relay

1st, 1:38.99, Team A, Quinn Larson, Logan Namitz, Justin Hodge, Trenten Carpenter

2nd, 1:50.86, Team B, Riley Reames, AJ McKrola, Andrew Hunt, Brady Willey

Girls 18 and under 200-yard medley relay

3rd, 2:36.78, Auna Waldner, Railey Namitz, Torie Coalwell, Myckee Coalwell

Boys 8 and under 100-yard freestyle relay

1st, 1:42.58, Zeri Janssen, Trevor Gabbard, Isaac Janssen, Ryan Coalwell

Girls 10 and under 100-yard freestyle relay

2nd, 1:29.85, Anika Martell, Sivanna Hodge, Laken McKay, Leigh Majik

Boys 10 and under 100-yard freestyle relay

1st, 1:41.59, Logan Namitz, Riley Reames, AJ McKrola, Justin Hodge

Girls 18 and under 200-yard freestyle relay

2nd, 2:05.19, Torie Coalwell, Railey Namitz, Myckee Coalwell, Auna Waldner

Individual results


Ryan Coalwell: Boys 8 and under 50-yard freestyle,1st, 45.69; 25-yard butterfly, 2nd, 33.18; 100-yard IM, 1st, 2:16.91; 25-yard freestyle, 1, 20.41; 25-yard breaststroke, 2nd, 31.53

Justin Hodge: Boys 9-10 100-yard freestyle,1st, 1:22.42; 50-yard butterfly, 3rd, 54.60; 100-yard IM, 1st, 1:41.20; 50-yard freestyle, 2nd, 35.44

Russell Hodge: Boys 11-12 100-yard freestyle, 2nd, 1:09.31; 50-yard backstroke, 2nd, 39.91; 100-yard IM, 2nd, 1:30.02; 50-yard freestyle, 1st, 30.72; 50-yard breaststroke, 2nd, 44.77

Taylor Hunt: Boys 11-12 50-yard butterfly, 3rd, 41.03; 50-yard breaststroke, 1st, 44.75

Isaac Janssen: Boys 8 and under 25-yard backstroke, 2nd, 28.22; 100-yard IM, 2nd, 2:34.80; 25-yard breaststroke, 1st, 31.42


Torie Coalwell: Girls 13-14 100-yard freestyle, 3rd, 1:08.86;100-yard butterfly, 2nd, 1:22.62; 200-yard freestyle, 3rd, 2:41.35; 200-yard IM, 2nd, 2:57.57; 50-yard freestyle, 3rd, 30.65

Auna Waldner: Girls 15-18 100-yard freestyle,1st, 1:05.31;100-yard backstroke, 1st, 1:20.22; 200-yard freestyle, 1st, 2:24.09; 200-yard IM, 1, 2:48.73; 50-yard freestyle, 2nd, 29.82; 100-yard breaststroke, 2nd, 1:30.76

Sivanna Hodge: Girls 8 and under 25-yard butterfly, 3rd, 27.50; 25-yard freestyle, 2nd, 19:33

Riley Robertson: Girls 9-10 50-yard butterfly, 3rd, 51.82; 100-yard IM, 3rd, 1:51.31; 50-yard breaststroke, 2nd, 55.04

Taya Janssen: Girls 8 and under 25-yard backstroke, 1st, 24.04

Anika Martell: Girls 9-10 50-yard backstroke, 3rd, 54.14

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