Dayville/Monument football team defeats Echo at Six-man Showcase

The Dayville/Monument Tiger football team held the Echo Cougars off, 37-33, to win Friday’s Six-Man Showcase game at Sherman High School in Moro.

Dayville/Monument got off to a rocky start when Echo ran an onside kick in for a touchdown on the Cougars’ first possession of the ball.

The Tigers fired back with Mark Thomas scoring two touchdowns in the opening quarter.

“They were tackling well and holding Echo in the first half,” said Tiger head coach Kyle Hand.

Dayville/Monument led 25-13 at the half.

“Our offensive and defensive line played exceptionally and really controlled the trenches,” Hand said. “Defensively, DJ Howell and Wesley Adams played tremendous, getting good penetration and pressuring the running back.”

The wind put a damper on the Tigers’ passing game, blowing at 30 mph.

Running back JT Hand was sidelined with an injury from a past game, but Thomas scored four touchdowns in the game, and quarterback Donovan Schafer and Zach Ferguison each scored one touchdown.

Dayville/Monument scored their final touchdown with a little over a minute left in the game to make it 37-27.

Echo was able to convert on fourth down and score a touchdown in the final 17 seconds of the game.

The Tigers will now face the Sherman/Condon Huskies at the Six-Man Crossover at 1 p.m. Saturday in Madras for their final competition of the season.

Dayville/Monument has a 3-6 overall record, and Sherman/Condon is 6-8.

Ukiah/Long Creek soccer team gears up for final match

The 1A Ukiah/Long Creek Mountain Lions soccer team dropped a road match to the 3A Irrigon Knights Friday 3-0.

In the Mountain Lions’ last meeting with Irrigon, the Knights won 8-2.

Ukiah/Long Creek head coach Amos Studtmann said he’s focused on the improvement his team is showing.

“We managed to move the ball up the field and attack their goal,” he said. “Even though we didn’t score, it shows an improvement in ability to control the ball, pass the ball and see opportunities.”

The Mountain Lions’ goalie Bert Volnie was sick and unable to play Friday, and Michael Martin filled in as second goalie.

“He blocked a lot of good shots, so we were grateful that he was able to do that,” Studtmann said.

Ukiah/Long Creek was scheduled to face the 3A Umatilla Vikings on the road Tuesday, past press time.

“Umatilla is good, and we know they’re good,” Studtmann said. “We’re just looking to see if we’ve improved. We know they have good sportsmanship, we know they’re skilled, but we’ll work hard and the kids will all have fun.”

Prairie City falls 49-0 to undefeated Joseph at Six-Man Showcase

The Prairie City/Burnt River Panther football team faced the undefeated Joseph Eagles in Saturday’s Six-Man Showcase playoff competition at Sherman High School in Moro.

Panther head coach Scott Dean said Joseph was tough, fast and a well-coached team, “ahead of the other programs in the state.”

“Opie McDaniel had a good game running the ball and on defense,” Dean said. “We just could not control their massive speed.”

Dean said Eagle running back Carson Littlepage gave them the most trouble.

“He broke five long ones on us,” Dean said.

“Jake McHatton played well in the trenches, but they hurt up the outside of the box, and we are not blessed with the speed we need,” the coach added. “We, all week, preached no turnovers, penalties, and we needed to play a near perfect game, and that did not happen on our third play of the game.”

Dean said at times his team has been down by five players with Declan Zweygardt, Marcus Judd, Jayden Winegar and Skyelar Evins, who were hurt for a period of time and missed some playing time. Austin Catron was sick all week and couldn’t play, Dean said.

The Panthers will now compete for third place against the Triangle Lake Lakers, the six-man west winner which lost to South Wasco 57-20 in last Saturday’s playoff game.

“Triangle Lake is a fundamental team, but their speed is much more of a match with Prairie City/Burnt River, which is good for us,” Dean said. “This will be much more of an even match for us, so we’ll prepare and go after a win and third place in state.”

The Panthers will face the Lakers at 4 p.m. Saturday in Madras at the Six-Man Crossover.

Dean said he’s looking forward to his team being in good health and playing at full strength.


Angel Carpenter is a reporter for the Blue Mountain Eagle. She can be contacted at or 541-575-0710.

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